In this episode Grimmash, Archangael, Astrael Orannis and Sanders Schmittlaub talk about World War Bee, Propaganda, Fanfest and a few other things.


In Orbit by Chronox
Suspect by Weird Kong
The Audacity of Hope by Quattras Peione
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A Podcast Apart is the official podcast of A Band Apart alliance in Eve Online.

This episode, Sanders Schmittlaub, Archangael, Grimmash and Raoul Herrington host. We cover the most recent round of module tiericide, the CSM, the Empires of Eve book, and of course, the great Cow Question. And more!

In this episode, Archangael and Sanders Schmittlaub are joined by Watson Crick and Thane Ansollare. 

We talk about the recent CSM drama and about skill point injectors which are planned to release in February. 
We also find out about Watson's winding path through Eve and Archangael ponders how Eve has changed throughout the last 10+ years.

A Podcast Apart, official podcast of A Band Apart, Episode 8.

Archangael hosts, with co-hosts Sanders Schmittlaub and Quattras Peione. We discuss the New Year, plans for 2016 including the Alliance Tournament, Citadels, new ships, new lore (Frostline and a new Eve chronicle), Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and more.

A Podcast Apart, official podcast of A Band Apart, Episode 7.

Argos Gelert hosts, with co-hosts Sanders Schmittlaub and Soro Harbon. Our new corporation Vagrant Skies, specializing in new and returning players, is discussed. The hosts also talk about upcoming changes to the game and a little bit of market PvP. 

This episode was recorded at way too early in the morning, but the hosts manage to make sense somehow anyway.

Argos Gelert is the host, with co-hosts Rixx Javix and Sanders Schmittlaub. Up for discussion this time is Alliance Tournament XIII and ABA's experiments and experiences with sovereignty after the Aegis changes("FozzieSov").

After a brief hiatus due to Real Life (tm), the podcast is back.  Argos Gelert hosts, with co-hosts Sanders Schmittlaub and Soro Harbon. We're talking about sov changes, the Alliance Tournament, citadels, and more. Enjoy!

This episode is spectacularly late, for reasons.
I have no real recollection of what we discussed, and this is completely unedited.
Have fun!

Welcome to another episode, this time not two months after the last one!

This episode we are joined by:
Witmer Jolith 
 Soro Harbon
Draiv Solregard
Gale Kautsuo
Discussions include:
Our newest member corporation: New Jovian Exploration Department
Multi-corp wormhole life
Short bit on Fanfest
The Anakin War: ABA vs Michael Pancake (and technically The Bastards, but no one but good Michael ever really showed up to fight)
A bit on industry.
Some other topics that I am forgetting as normal. 

Hey all! After a nice long break, due to a new editor (Kale La Rune) and the fact that real life currently consists of racing from one thing to the next, I present to you Episode 2!

In this episode, we have joining us:
Sanders Schmittlaub, CEO of A Podcast Apart
Rixx Javix, CEO of Stay Frosty and Executor of ABA
Grimmash, CEO of Supreme Mathematics
Narook, CEO of Lucifer's Hammer
Cervantes Marovinjun, Top Killer, Stay Frosty
Morg Braktar, Stand-up Philosopher and resident Master of Arguments
Discussed this episode:
A Band Apart's goings-ons
POS mechanics
Story Time
Breaks that aren't big silences (!)
A bunch of other stuff that I'm assured is quite good.
Hope you all enjoy, and hopefully the turnaround will be better for Episode 3, which records TOMORROW.

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